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by Ryan Bachman - Fan

My family and I at myrtle beach....our first time at the ocean we could not complete our vacation until we showed south carolina some BUCKEYE pride! GO BUCKEYES!!

Beach, Families

"Myrtle Beach Buckeyes"

by Beverly McKee - BS 1975; MA 1984 - In SF, CA now.

We had to do something to get off of our chairs!

Alumni, Beach


by Danka Adamovic

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"Sunrise Dotting the I"

by John

Sunrise on the beach at Ocean City, MD. Three generations showing their Buckeye Pride!

Beach, Families

"Buckeyes at Mrytle Beach"

by Mary Chaffman - My daughter Sam is a junior in the architecture program at OSU

Beach, Current students

"Myrtle Beach at sundown"

by Mike Kidwell - BSME 1974 - Go Bucks!!

Shot at the beach at sundown on Friday before the UCF game.

Alumni, Beach

"Darian & Aiyanni O-H-I-O"

by Darci M - Nursing Major & OSU Fan

My daughter Aiyanni, 5 yrs. old & my son Darian, 3 yrs. old doing O-H-I-O


"Girls at the lake"

by Crush

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"O-H-I-O in the Dominican Republic"

by Sommer - Class of 2001

At my wedding on the beach in the beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Alumni, Beach, Weddings

"Beeeeach :)"

by Destiny DePugh

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