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"Spring Break 2013"

by Deanna Wheeler - FCOB '14

Deanna, Jamie, Katie, and Jen at Panama City Beach

Beach, Current students

"O-H-I-O on Cocoa Beach at Sunrise"

by Jered Shaffer - Business - Marketing, 3rd Year

Jered Shaffer, Daniel Zimmerman, Katy Jastal and Tyler Sahlin on a Spring Break trip to Cocoa Beach O-H-I-O at sunrise

Beach, Current students, Silhouettes

"Beach boulders in New Zealand compliment Buckeye Pride"

by Nicole Huntress - My OSU family has transformed me into a rabid fan

While traveling in New Zealand, couldn't help but notice the two O's just waiting to assist with the O-H-I-O.


"Freshman on Spring Break!"

by Abbie - location:Marco Island

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"Buck-I-SERV HFH 2013 Myrtle Beach"

by Christine Spisak

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Beach, Current students, Service

"Galapagos Island"

by Elliot Ross - BWE/MSc 69

OHIO father and daughter - and friends sharing a beautiful Galapagos beach with the iguanas

Alumni, Beach, Latin America/Caribbean

"Sunset OHIO"

by Lori Matheny Reffert - BS.Landscape Architecture '92; BS Education '95

sunset at Ft. Myers Beach, FL. January 3, 2013

Alumni, Beach, Silhouettes

"O-H-I-O Florida style"

by Ron Smith

Smith family on the beach

Beach, Families

"Myrtle Beach, SC"

by Zach Lillich

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Beach, Shadows

"Punta Cana Jan. 2013"

by Radojka Joyce Skocic - Foreign Language-French, 1970

Left to right: R.Joyce Skocic (1970 Foreign Language)) Frank Simko (attended Buisiness College1972) Virginia Hubbard (1973 Education + MA) Francie Flower (1975 Optometry)

Alumni, Beach, Latin America/Caribbean

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