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"Melanie and Larrys Wedding Cocoa Beach"

by Chelsea Harper - fan

Cocoa Beach wedding 8/17/13

Beach, Weddings

"Buckeyes on the beach!"

by Sondra - Just a fan

On a family trip to Ocean City our 4 oldest posed to create a shadow O H I O!

Beach, Shadows

"Silver Lake Sand Dunes"

by Jay Miller

OHIO on Lake Michigan at Silver Lake Sand Dunes!

Beach, US

"Garden City Beach, SC"

by Jamie

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Beach, US

"OHIO at Petoskey State Park, MI"

by Denise Regenbogen - A huge Buckeye Fan Family

We were at the Petoskey State Park, showing our Buckeye Spirit in Michigan

Beach, Families

"Fort Myers Beach O-H-I-O"

by Alyssa Raterman - Born a Buckeye!



by Jill Henwood - Fan

Our children on vacation showing their love for the Buckeyes with their floaters. Picture was taken July, 2012.

Beach, Families, US

"Surfside beach South Carolina 2013"

by Sandy Restaino seikel - Bs in pharmacy 1999

My little buckeyes playing on the beach

Alumni, Beach, US

"O-H-I-O in SEC Country"

by Nick Musgrave

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"The Rossells at Long Branch, NJ"

by Gina Rossell - Mom of incoming freshman Jocelyn Rossell

We took a day trip down the shore to Long Branch before our daughter starts her freshman year at OSU. Standing on the beach we noticed our shadows and thought it would be a good O-H-I-O picutre!

Beach, Current students, Shadows , US

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