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"Bradenton Beach, Florida"

by Stephanie Lavender Weber - English Education, 1988

We took the family out of Ohio, but we'll never take the Ohio out of the family!

Alumni, Beach, Families


by Scott

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"Future buckeye on Andros Island!"

by Alexa Matinides

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Beach, Future students

"O-H-I-O in Eire"

by Tim Mooney - School of Business '89 - Men's Waterpolo

Inch Beach, County Kerry, Ireland June 2012

Alumni, Beach, Europe

"Jamaica vacation"

by Megan

Vacation with best friends

Beach, Latin America/Caribbean

"At the Hacienda in Mexico"

by Deb - I am a redcoat at OSU!

Vacationing with friends who LOVE OSU!

Beach, Latin America/Caribbean


by Jill Guth - Class of 1992

From Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Alumni, Beach

"Buckeye Snowman "



"Bahamas O-H-I-O"

by Jordan

Beach, Latin America/Caribbean

"Spring 2013"

by Christine Marrell

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