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"Kiawah O-H-I-O"

by Kelsey Peterson

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"Clearwater Beach Florida Jun 2013"

by Dennis Stanley - OSU -Finance major 1987

This was immediately following our wedding, I'm the taller guy, and the others are my children, and one grandchild..

Alumni, Beach, Weddings

"sunset beach nc: 4 generations"

by ed uhlir - teacher/coach

grandpa uhlir, 89 (O), dad, 64 (H), me, 34 (I), and my son Brody, 4 (O)

Beach, Families

"sunset beach nc"

by ed uhlir - teacher/coach

grandpa Ed (O),89, son, Brody (H),4, myself 2003 graduate (I), and wife Katie 2006 graduate (O)

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"Ocean Vacation, O-H-I-O"

by Dustin - Geology, Studio Art, 2007

Orange Beach, AL, vacation. Representing OHIO!

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"O-H-I-O with some Canadian help on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia"

by Katelyn Severt

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Asia, Beach

"More Buckeye pride in WIldwood, NJ"

by Kathy - MS in Molecular Genetics 1995

When you are a family of 3 fans, sometimes you can also borrow a letter...

Beach, US

"showin' our Buckeye pride in Wildwood, NJ"

by Kathy - MS in Molecular Genetics 1995

As family of 3 Buckeye fans...we had to improvise a bit on the "i"

Beach, Families


by art - US ARMY

From Cincinnati. We got married in OBX, thought this pic was a must.

Beach, Weddings

"Outer Banks"

by Justin Estill - OSU Police - Wooster Campus

All of the kids on our trip had to show some Buckeye love while hanging on 4x4 beach

Beach, Faculty/Staff, Travel/Vacation, US

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