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"Families" Images (1973)

"Game Day"

by Katie Kieselbach - M.Ed 2007

Our boys proudly showing their allegiance to Buckeye Nation!

Alumni, Families

"Future Buckeyes!"

by Jessica McCardle - Industrial design, 2003

Every year since our kids were born in August we take pictures with their Buckeye spirit wear and things. They are born true Buckeye fans! The McCardle Kids!

Alumni, Families

"On top of Mt Etna, Sicily"

by Chris Valentine - 1991 Aviation Management (is that degree still offered?)

On top of one of Europe's active volcanoes while on vacation in Sicily. A little chilly at 10,000 feet, even in the summer. Hanging out with me is my wife, Kathy, and two daughters Aliyah and Maya. We currently live in Chicago.

Alumni, Europe, Families

"Wonder Lake, Denali National Park, Alaska"

by Dwight Steen - BS Agricultural Economice, 1967

Take in June 2013. My wife and three grandchildren at Wonder Lake in Denali National Park.

Alumni, Families, US

"Brewton Buckeyes!!"

by Joy and Lloyd Brewton - Justin (Senior, graduates 12/13) and Jordyn (Senior, graduates 5/14)! Go Bucks!

Sending Brewton Buckeye Blessings to The Ohio State University! Have a great football season and year!!!

Current students, Families

"OHIO at Petoskey State Park, MI"

by Denise Regenbogen - A huge Buckeye Fan Family

We were at the Petoskey State Park, showing our Buckeye Spirit in Michigan

Beach, Families

"O-H-I-O with Pluto"

by Stephanie Chittum - MA journalism 1995, BA journalism 1993

Pluto joined my family (husband, Roger Chittum 1995 grad, my daughter Katie Chittum currently in 6th grade, and me Stephanie Chittum 1993 and 1995 grad) for a Buckeye photo at EPCOT on Saturday, August 17.

Alumni, Families

"A Charleston, SC O - H - I - O"

by Joan Peters - Grandmother of these awesome fans!

Zamilski children from Delaware Ohio visiting SC!

Families, US


by Jill Henwood - Fan

Our children on vacation showing their love for the Buckeyes with their floaters. Picture was taken July, 2012.

Beach, Families, US

"O-H-I-O on Put-in-Bay"

by Donna Waters - I am the mom and aunt of these 3 Buckeye cousins and also a 1978 OSU Dental Hygiene Grad and President of The OSU Alumni Club of West Michigan

3 Buckeye Cousins celebrating O-H-I-O on Put-in-Bay in front of The Admiral Perry Monument. The Monument celebrates his War of 1812 "Don't Give Up the Ship" Victory" over the British. This battle kept Ohio (and "the stae up north") as part of the 48 sovereign states. Amy Waters - 2012, Angela Harper - 2013, Bob Abramovich - 2003

Alumni, Families, US

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