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"O-H-I-O with largest John Deere Tractor made."

by Jim Davis - BS, Animal Sci., '61, PhD. Animal Physiology & Nutrition, '70, Twenty-seven degrees from OSU in Jim's family. Jan graduated from Univ. of Ga, 1963.

While on vacation in August 2012 to Glacier National Park in Montana, Jan and Jim Davis stopped at the John Deere World Headquarters in Moline, IL. and had this photo taken. Jim (BS, Animal Sci., 1961, PhD., Animal Physiology & Nutrition, 1970) and Jan live on a farm near Brookville, OH. Two of their three children have graduated from OSU. Jim's family has 27 degrees from OSU.


"Arora Wedding O-H-I-O"

by Tamara Arora - 2005 Alumni

Mom and Newlyweds (Paras and Tamara) show their spirit outside the Hindu Temple in Orlando, Florida 6/11/2011.

Alumni, Weddings

"CAL Tomlinson Brothers at Mirror Lake"

by Jon M Crouse - OSU BS in BA 1978 & Bucks Fan Extraordinaire

These three California native sons of OSU grads William Tomlinson 1956-SIGMA NU and Edythe Graham 1956-CHI OMEGA are normally rabid Buckeye fans except for Saturday's OSU-CAL game on Saturday, September 15, 2012. See you in 2013 in Berkeley, CA. L-R; Bill Tomlinson-USC/CAL, Ken Tomlinson-UC San Diego, Mirror Lake Fountain, Tom Tomlinson-CAL/UCLA.

Alumni, Families, On campus

"Bach Family"

by Katie - 2003 grad

Jarod, Ellie & Emin (twins), Katie and baby Elin

Alumni, Families


by Joanie Wright McLain - Journalism, Class of 1989

Buckeye Alumni raising future Buckeyes!

Alumni, Families

"Hanging out with the Simpson siblings "

by Lily - class of 2008

In Universal Studios, we ran into Bart and Lisa Simpson! Bart was unruly as usual- He didn't want to be 'H'-he wanted 'O' so, after a few takes he finally gave in. Silly kids.


"O-H-I-O at Mt. St. Helens"

by Kevin Montavon - Class of 1991

This summer I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest and met up with some fellow OSU alumni for a hike at Mt. St. Helens.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"Raymond's First "O-H-I-O""

by Kevin Montavon - Class of 1991

My 2-year old nephew Raymond accompanied us to our regular tailgate this weekend. He saw us doing the pose and wanted to join in.

Alumni, Game day

"Myrtle Beach Buckeyes"

by Beverly McKee - BS 1975; MA 1984 - In SF, CA now.

We had to do something to get off of our chairs!

Alumni, Beach

"Mcafee's Knob"

by Kaitlin McCleary - mccleary.19@osu.edu

One OSU Alum, two current Students, and an Ohio Resident, Climbed the summit to Mcafee's Knob in Virginia. O-H-I-O

Alumni, Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

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