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"SCUBA with Santa"

by zifer.4@osu.edu - Class of 2008 Technology Education

From Left to Right. Laura Weigand, Rob Zifer, Jen Zifer, Santa. SCUBA with Santa in Huntington Beach CA


"Baby's 1st O-H-I-O!"

by Meredith Moody - OSU '03 & '04

We had our son in May and this fall he got to experience his first Ohio State v. M*ch*gan game and his first O-H-I-O with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, & Grandpa! He's even decked out in his Scarlet & Gray for the big game! Go Buckeyes!!!

Alumni, Families

"Namaacha, Mozambique (Africa)"

by Brandon Weiss - OSU Alumnus - 2009

This is a photo of my sister-in-law, Anna Brandt, sharing her Buckeye Pride in Africa. She graduated this year (2012) and is now serving with the Peace Corps in the African country of Mozambique. Right now she is staying with a host family in a village called Namaacha.

Africa, Alumni

"Thanksgiving in Detriot"

by Breeanne Martin - Alumni, Communications '06

My friend and I, along with her parents, decided to do something untraditional this Thanksgiving which was to go to a Detriot Lions game. We had so much fun, that this may become our new Thanksgiving tradition! Given that we are all proud Ohio State Alumni's, football lovers and were in the state up north, it was only fitting we show some Buckeye spirit!! From left to right: Breeanne Martin '06, Dee Barnes '74, Whitney Barnes '06, Gregg Barnes '74.


"Buckeye Pride in Rome"

by Lisa Davis - 1991 graduate of The School of Journalism

Picture taken the day after OSU vs Michigan game in front of the Roman Coliseum.

Alumni, Europe

"O-H-I-O baby makes first O"

by Brittany Porteus - Bachelors degree, class of 2005

This was my last tailgate before my baby was born, my pregnant self makes the first O. My son was born Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we left the hospital on the day of the OSU vs. Michigan game. He wore a onsies that said "oops, I did a Michigan in my pants!" Born a buckeye!

Alumni, Game day

"Littlest Buckeye"

by Melissa Bohacek - 1999 graduating class Columbus

Littlest Buckeye of the family sitting on the couch when she starts cheering O-H!


"Rocky O-H-I-O"

by Rod Gasch - Laurie's husband

A statute of movie icon Rocky, outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, assists Laurie Kirsch (Class of 1976) and her sons Noah Gasch (right) and William Gasch. Kirsch is on the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh, and lives near Evans City, Pa.

Alumni, Families, US

"OHIO Pride in Sint Maarten-Beat Michigan!"

by Marc Williams - BSME, 1996

Taken November 20th, 2012 at Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. A Buckeye clearly owns this bar.

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"Buckeyes in Machu Picchu"

by Renee Titonis Brock - BUS, '91

On a tour of Machu Picchu, Renee Titonis Brock (BUS, '91) was thrilled to meet a fellow Buckeye-- Ronald Bassak from Bath, OH. Our fellow tourists-- 2 hikers from Calgary-- joined us for O-H-I-O.

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

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