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"KeyWest O-H-I-O pic"

by Salley - Art education major, graduated

At the southern most location in the United States, ohio state alumni salley Longley poses with childhood friends Hollis Huntington, jean gamber, Judy miller.

Alumni, US

"2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade O-H-I-O"

by Anne Chapman - Home Economics Education (61)

Kathy C Clarke, (85) VA Girl Scout Troop Leader with Meghan Clarke, Caroline Elpers, and Isabel Hollins Girl Scouts at the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade. They were part of the 1500 Scouts that were parade volunteers. Standing in front of Cleveland, OH police they all showed O-H-I-O pride.


"Buckeye pride in the Capitol!"

by Andrew Sergent - 2005 grad

Washington monument shows its Buckeye pride !

Alumni, US

"Kaprun, Austria"

by Brian E. McCallie - MBA - 2009

McCallie family (Buckeye expats living in the UK) enjoying Easter Break in Austria

Alumni, Europe, Families

"O H I O at the Bean"

by Tammy - MSW, LISW-S

Alumni, Tammy Petry, and family at The Bean (Chicago) showing the Buckeye's Spirit! =D

Alumni, US

"Perkins Pirates Show Buckeye Pride!"

by Stefanie Crecelius - OSU Alumni - 2004 Graduate - English Major

Perkins High School students and a diver in the shark tank show their Buckeye Pride at The Greater Cleveland Aquarium! Go Pirates and Go Bucks!!!


"O-H-I-O at Salton Sea in California"

by Anna Duee - Journalism major, 2012

Ohio State pride stays alive, even across country.

Alumni, US

"Buckeyes in Cabo!"

by Trent Nissen - 2010 Civil Engineering graduate


"O-H-I-O in Eire"

by Tim Mooney - School of Business '89 - Men's Waterpolo

Inch Beach, County Kerry, Ireland June 2012

Alumni, Beach, Europe

"O-H-I-O Grand Canyon"

by Brianna Sorensen - Social Work class of 2011

James Ray, Lindsey Ray, Peter Ray, Brianna Sorensen at the the Grand Canyon!

Alumni, US

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