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"German Countryside Castle"

by Dana Daniels - Accounting degree, class of 2010.

We were in Munich for Oktoberfest and as we were driving down the country side we saw the perfect opportunity for an O-H-I-O.

Alumni, Europe

"Alumni Siblings at IU"

by Danielle Schroeder - Speech & Hearing Alumni Class of 2012

3 OSU alumni siblings doing the O-H-I-O on Indiana University's beautiful campus on October 13, 2012 before the OSU/IU football game. Go Bucks!

Alumni, Game day

"O-H-I-O at the Moritz College of Law Reunion"

by Tricia Pycraft - J.D., 2002

My son, Caleb Pycraft (age 2), practices his O-H-I-O outside of the law school at the reunion on October 6, 2012 (thanks to some editing!)

Alumni, On campus

"Tough Mudder"

by Megan Abbott - International Studies/German - 2010

Megan Abbott '10, Nikki Ferrara '11, Stefani Nemec '11, Lauren Berk '11 A break in the action at the Tough Mudder in Austin, TX

Alumni, US

"The Colosseum, Rome"

by Douglas R. Smith - political science, 1967

The Smiths at the Colosseum, Rome, August 2012

Alumni, Europe


by Corey M. Roblee - 2001 TOSU Grad

Underneath the Ohio Stadium Scoreboard!

Alumni, Game day, On campus, Shadows

"O-H-I-O with largest John Deere Tractor made."

by Jim Davis, BS, Animal Sci., 1961, PhD, Animal Nutrition, 1970. Jan, BA, 1970, Un. of GA

On way to Glacier National Park in July, 2012, Jan & Jim Davis ('61,'70) stopped at the World Headquarters of the John Deere Co. in Moline, Illinois

Alumni, US

"Arches National Park, Moab, UT"

by Rich Jarry - 73 OSU grad, Behavioral Sciences

73 OSU grad, spouse, sister & brother-in-law

Alumni, Silhouettes, US

"New Albany Links Golf Course...."

by - Class of 2007


"In the Caucasus Mountains"

by Drew Sullivan - Class of 2011 - Republic of Georgia PCV

Four Georgia Peace Corps Volunteers. Three of us, from the "H" to myself, are OSU grads. What really makes the picture, though, is that the girl in the blue leggings was born and raised in Ann Arbor.

Alumni, Europe, Service

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