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"The Freuler Family at Mendenhall Glacier Alaska"

by Steve Walker - Husband of Linda Freuler and OSU Fan.

The Freuler family, all Ohio State Alumni, standing on Mendenhall Glacier Alaska on a great trek around the ice..July 5, 2013. Seen are Rick Freuler, Linda Freuler, Justine Freuler and Ted Freuler.

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"Bridge jumping in Stratton, Maine"

by Debbie Thomas - 1991 Graduate

OHIO fans bridge jump in Stratton, Maine! GO BUCKS!!

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"Big Ben"

by Paul Kerstanski - 1980, Political Science

Paul Kerstanski and Daughters, Marisa and Xenia in London, UK

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by Mandy Keyes - Perfusionist, Class of 2005

3 Buckeye alumnus and 1 recruit share the Buckeye pride on top of Bald Mountain in Sonoma, CA on Independence Day.

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"Celebrating the Life of Robert Whiteman"

by Jeff Creeger - From a Family of Fans and Grads

Bob was a great Buckeye fan so when it was time to say how much family and friends rememered and loved him, an O-H-I-O was the best and only way to memoralize him.

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"Standing Stones of Callanish"

by Sheldon Schafer - Class of 1970, BS. Astronomy Major, Attended football games since 1961

The Standing Stones of Callanish are located on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. I had been planning for months to take an O-H-I-O photo there. I knew we could count on using a stone for an "I", but when the third in our party couldn't make it at the last minute, I wasn't sure what we would do. Not to worry, there was a perfect "O" stone spaced as though waiting for the last 5,000 years for us to insert the "H" and final "O".

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"Starting a Young Buckeye O-H at the Grand Canyon"

by Pete - Business-Marketing, Class of June 1991

Visiting the Grand Canyon National Park July 4th weekend

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"Buckeye's at Jockey's Ridge Park on the Outer Banks of NC"

by Juli Stevens - NRE 89

Our family took a vacation with our extended family on the Outer Banks after taking our daughter to her freshman orientation at Ohio State.

Alumni, Beach

"Vineyard Wedding OHIO"

by Scott Webster - Class of 2009

Megan Miller- Bride (2008), Chris Skaggs- Groom (2008), Travis Huzl- Groosmen (2008), Scott Webster- Groomsmen (2009)

Alumni, Weddings

"Future Buckeyes at Moorman's Tavernacle on Craig's Creek, Kentucky"

by Erik Loomis - Class of 1997

These are the offspring of the Loomis ('97) and Moorman ('94) clans as they enjoy some 4th of July water sports! Go Bucks!

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