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"O-H-I-O at my Texas Wedding :)"

by Bobbi Jennings - Agricultural Communications, Class of 2008

My family are born and raised Buckeye fans, so of course my wedding wouldn't have been complete without an O-H-I-O picture...even deep in the heart of Texas.

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"OSU Pride in Cleveland!!"

by Heidi Schuett - Buckeye Fans 4 Life!!!!

My husband and I are die hard Buckeye fans!! Born and raised in Ohio!! Our wedding day would not have been complete without a little O..H..I..O!!


"OHIO country wedding party"

by Theresa Cranny - College of Vet Med 1991

Buckeye pride at an outdoor wedding

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"Tiffany's wedding"

by Tyson - Coombs

My best friends wedding party representing the O-H-I-O looking all diaper=)


"Kristy and Jason's wedding"

by Jayne Sabo - Graduated in 1977 Occupational Therapy

Missed the majority of OSU/Northwestern's game Oct 5, 2013 as my daughter was having her reception that evening at The Lodge in Geneva, Ohio. We were passing the bar and noticed that the OSU game still had a couple minutes left, so of course we took the party into the bar...Our celebration of the W

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"Jessica and Jason's St. Lucian Wedding!"

by Jessica Prescott - OSU Fan

Enjoying our big day in St. Lucia with a little OSU pride.


"Jill and Jim's Wedding!"

by Tina Burrows - Proud mom of OSU grad!

The bride with her folks and OSU Alum brother showing off their Buckeye pride!

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"Wedding day OHIO"

by Monica Scranton

Bride, Groom, Best man, Maid of Honor and 5 bridal party members are all graduates of OSU.

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"Buckeye Wedding"

by Octavia Donnelly and Antonio Martinez - Law 2009 and Medicine 2012

An OSU med alum and an OSU law alum wed down in Texas on September 21,2013!!!

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"Wedding Pre-game O-H-I-O"

by Pete Harsh - 1974

Arlington, Virginia wedding September 28, 2013 Go Bucks!


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