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"Buckeyes gettin married in Las Vegas!!"

by Pamela Tennant - fan

Married in Las VEgas 7/4/12

US, Weddings

"Buckeyes in Lebanon!"

by Carlos Castro - B.S. and M.S. grad in Mechanical Engineering, 2005, now professor in Mech. & Aero. Eng.

Representing the Buckeyes at our wedding in Beirut, Lebanon!

Middle East, Weddings

"Wedding Day O-H-I-O"

by Ashley Duesler - fan

Showing our Buckeye Pride with my Maid of Honor and OSU Alum, Ashley Judson


"Ryan/Megan Pennell Wedding"

by Brian Terrell - Class of 1976

July 14, 2012 Wedding Bride and Groom Picture with Best Man and Maid of Honor in front of OSU Horse Shoe

On campus, Weddings

"O-H-I-O at my Wedding in India"

by Vivek Hariharan - Engineer, Class 2008

Srutha and I got married in India this June 2012 and Karthik & Sriram were there to be a part of all the fun. This is picture just after the wedding ceremony. (L-R): Karthik, Srutha, Vivek and Sriram

Alumni, Asia, Weddings

"Wedding Reception in India"

by Vivek Hariharan - Buckeye Fan

(L-R): Karthik, Srutha, Vivek, & Sriram. At the wedding reception of Vivek and Srutha in June 2012

Alumni, Asia, Weddings

""O-H-I-O" takes over "that state up North""

by Megan Young - Class of 2011, B.S Architecture

Wedding in Detroit!

Alumni, Weddings

"Magic's Wedding"

by Hilary MacDonald

Uploaded via iPhone Application.


"O-H-I-O Wedding in Hilton Head, SC"

by Sean Morrisey - Buckeye born and raised!

My wife and I enjoyed our June 2012 wedding in HHI and had to show our Buckeye Pride with our wedding party while down there. Go Bucks!!

Beach, Weddings

"Wedding Day"

by Brent Smith - Class of 2007. Economics major.

Shot taken in Thompson Library on my wedding day with some members of the bridal party.

Alumni, On campus, Weddings

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