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"Buckeye Family Wedding"

by Jessica Betley - Class of 2004

This photo was taken in Beaufort, North Carolina, the day before the game against that team up north. Three sisters, one brother-in-law, and a three-month-old baby. Everyone is an Ohio State graduate, with one future buckeye (Class of 2034). How firm thy friendship and family.

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"Bye-Week Wedding! Nov 9th 2013"

by Tom Dever - Class of 2011, How Firm Thy Friendship

)-H-I-O With the buckeyes of the wedding party! Bye week wedding, november 9th 2013, and yes that was intentional!

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"Our wedding at Virginia Beach "

by James - fan

OHIO in front of the Hiltons on the boardwalk


"Buckeye Wedding"

by Deanna Speir - 2012 Psychology Undergraduate Alumni

My new husband and I, along with our siblings, join together for an O-H-I-O after our wedding. As a Buckeye alum and avid fan, we purposely picked a bye week for our wedding so we wouldn't be distracted by the football game.

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"We made him do it. "

by Travis and Megan Reed - Classes of 2010 and 2011

The best man is a fan of that state up north. So naturally, we forced him to do an O-H-I-O picture on our wedding day. (8/10/2013)

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"Our Wedding!"

by Melissa

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"Buckeye Fans @ the beach"

by Rachael Markijohn - Teacher-Fan

Wedding in Salter Path, North Carolina.

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"Ohio (State) is for Lovers!"

by Daniella Nordin - SENR grad, class of 2007

Four Buckeyes on our wedding day (Sept. 21, 2013) at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. We met our sophomore year at OSU and have been together ever since! From left to right: Nate Sandkuhl '08, Andrew Rettew '07 (groom), Daniella Nordin '07 (bride), and Laura Nordin '08.

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"How Firm Thy Friendship"

by Meagan Bechel - Class of 2011 Biomedical Engineering

A truly Buckeye wedding! The bride, groom, officiant, maid-of-honor, and best man all met in the fall of their freshmen year in 2007. Almost exactly 6 years later, they came together in Chicago to celebrate the union of two alumni!

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"Buckeyes beat Iowa on my wedding day!! Go Bucks! Oct 19th, 2013"

by Elizabeth - Best fan in the land!!

My family and I on my wedding day! Married a Wisconsin fan , this on swill be framed! Played the fight song after the win for the 1 Iowa fan in the house! GO BUCKS!!


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