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"The Army Boys from OSU "

by Steve Geib - Social Work 1981

This photo was taken at an Army graduation in December 2011

Alumni, Military

"Local Afghani's love Ohio State!"

by Rob Aldridge - Ohio National Guard soldier and Devoted Fan

At the entrance to COP Qaisar in the Faryab province of Afghanistan, 4 local kids show their team spirit with some coaching!

Asia, Military

"Kuwait- James Laurinairis visiting troops"

by Levi Taylor

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"O-H-I-O From Afghanistan"

by Kyle S. - Fisher Alumni class of 2009

This was taken during my year-long deployment to Eastern Afghanistan!

Alumni, Asia, Military

"OHIO in Afghanistan"

by Justin Gleisner - HUGE FAN!

(L-R) PFC Matthew Maynard (Medic); SPC Justin Gleisner (Medic); SPC Matthew Engler (Medic); CPT Kevin Priest (Dentist); Rick Bobbie (Linguist) doing an O-H-I-O in front of the ROLE2 clinic for Charlie Company 710th Brigade Support Battalion in support of OEF XI-XII at FOB Pasab, Afghanistan

Asia, Military

"Marines in Afghanistan"

by Lindsey Tate - Fan / Ohio native

SSgt Owens, Sgt Tate, LCpl Hartman, and Cpl Liotta, all natives of Ohio show their pride by throwing up O-H-I-O on Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

Asia, Military

"O-H-I-O in a C-17"

by Keith Stock - AFROTC, B.S.B.M Aviation Management

Two students in Air Force ROTC, cadre member Major Thigpen, and pilot of the C-17, Major Churchill (OSU '99 Grad) show off their school pride in the cargo bay of the second largest aircraft in the U.S. Air Force.

Current students, Military

"OHIO Iwo Jima"

by Edward Benson

U.S Marine Corps

Asia, Military

"4 Buckeyes boys showing love in Afghanistan"

by Troy Woehler - I am a Staff Sergeant in the Ohio National Guard. Die-hard fan since birth!!!!!!

This was taken in Mar-Za-Shariff, Afghanistan. The picture was taken on top of a German pizzeria they had on base. Myself, SSG Woehler, and my three guys are all from Ohio, and die-hard Buckeyes fans. We represent B Co-148th Infantry out of Bowling Green, Oh.

Asia, Military

"Army ROTC O-H-I-O"

by Mike Lear - 1992 Graduate, B.A. Economics, B.S. Psychology

2LT Sardiga, 2LT Kerr, LTC Lear, and 2LT Whipkey form O-H-I-O after Fall Quarter Commencement and Commissioning on December 11, 2011. LTC Lear graduated from Ohio State and was commissioned on December 11, 1992. 2LTs Sardiga, Kerr, and Whipkey graduated from Ohio State and was commissioned on December 11, 2011.

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