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by Sanchit Agarwal - College of Engineering

This picture was taken on my wedding day in my hometown in India. Three of my other buckeye friends (Parag Gupta, Gokul Jain, Ayush Bansal) were around and so we decided to pay tribute to the University at the most important day in my life.

Asia, International students, Weddings

"O-H-I-O from Research International KOREA"

by Dongwon Ha - Class of 2006, Business Marketing

4 alumni working at Research International KOREA!! From left; Dongwon HA : Class of 2006 Seongeun Lee : Class of 2004 Eunna Lee : Class of 2007 Juhee Han : Class of 2007

Alumni, Do Something Great, International students

"Buckeye-Wolverine Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI"

by Wei-Ting Yen

Wei-Ting and Katharine's wedding ceremony was held in the Grace Bible Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan in May 10th. Currently, Wei-Ting is an OSU PhD student; Katharine is a UMich PhD student. Both of them came from Taiwan in 2003.

International students, Weddings

"O-H-I-O at Taste of OSU by PASA"

by Omar Khan - Welding Engineering

Omar, Fahad, Imran and Shiraz showing major school spirit at Pakistani American Student Associations booth at Taste of OSU. Jan 25th 2008.

International students

"Nigerian Buckeyes"

by Robert Killoren - Assoc VP Research

Nigerian Visitors quickly become Buckeye fans! Pearl Bigfeather and Bob Killoren welcome the Vice Chancellor and faculty from Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria to OSU.

International students


by Whitney

Can't really beat that! Study abroad group does O-H-I-O in front of the Great Pyramid in Egypt!

Africa, Current students, International students, Study abroad, Travel/Vacation

"Buckeye Pride in China"

by Megan Jayne - Alum

I'm teaching in China, but proud to see my bucks are ranked number one in the nation, I was showing some Buckeye Pride at the Forbidden City in Beijing China! Go Bucks!

Alumni, Asia, International students

"Dresden 2007"

by Stephanie Ockerman - Business '03

Sarah, Monica, and I went to Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. We took this O-H-I-O in Dresden.

Current students, Europe, International students, Travel/Vacation

"Germans Doing O-H-I-O"

by Stephanie Ockerman - Business '03

Sarah and I had a layover in Frankfurt, Germany. We came across a stag party and convinced these Germans to do O-H-I-O. They were happy to oblige, although they were a little confused.

Europe, International students, Travel/Vacation

"Arts Scholars in Merida, Mexico"

by Theresa Attalla - Exploring, 2

Arts Scholars along with Sculpture students traveled to Merida, Mexico during spring break 2007. We visited several ancient Mayan ruins.

Current students, International students, Latin America/Caribbean, Study abroad, Travel/Vacation

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