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"AgriPOWER O-H-I-O in front of Capitol"

by Sandy Kuhn - BS 88, MS 95, MBA 04

Ohio Farm Bureau AgriPOWER Class III members and OSU Alums in front of the Capitol - Andy Korb, Abra Dunn, Jamie King and Christy Montoya

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"AgriPOWER Class III O-H-I-O with Washington Monument"

by Sandy Kuhn - BS 88, MS 95, MBA 04

AgriPOWER Class III on their trip to Washington DC - Alumni pictured, Jamie Kauffman-Metzger, Rachel Naylor-Heimerl and Sara Camacho.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"Picture of a Lifetime"

by Tonya

January 2011. Took the kids to Brich Run mall for shopping spree, and just couldn't resist to make a small pit stop to slam the enemy.

Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O Water Shadows"

by Jeff Golden - Class of 2012

Four family members in the Florida Keys.

Current students, Families, Shadows , Travel/Vacation, US

"OHIO Chicago"

by Michael Todoran - MLA 2012

The day before the Chicago Bears playoff game. In front of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O Scuba style"

by Britany Byers - Senior, journalism and Public relations major, Buckeye fan!

This photo is taken 60 ft. under water in the beautiful waters of Belize. We had to represent our hometown by doing O-H-I-O while on one of dives on our cruise! O-H!

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean, Travel/Vacation

"O-H-I-O from DC"

by Cheryl - Class of 2002

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US


by Robert D. Peterson - Pre-Vet Studies, 1st year

The Freshman Engineering Focus Community in enemy territory at the 2011 Detroit Auto show. We had some help from a Ford crash test dummy.

Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

"Rapelling in Southern Brazil"

by Bonnie Shook-Sa - Masters of Applied Statistics, 2008

We took this picture after rapelling down a 150 foot cliff in Canela, Brazil, in December 2010.

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean, Travel/Vacation

"Buckeyes at Masada, Dead Sea in background"

by Dan Emerson - Fidher School, class of 1967

Buckeyes at Masada, Dead Sea in background

Middle East, Travel/Vacation

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