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"Shadow O-H-I-O!!"

by Mikaela Cok - I'm a very very big fan of Ohio, Go Bucks!!!!


"Buckeyes in San Diego, CA!"

by Meredith Schwarzkopf


"O-H-I-O Beach Shadow"

by Ryan Comer - Ohio State Alum, 2008

Muir Beach, CA Let's GO BUCKS!!!

Alumni, Shadows


by Mindy Kemper - I'm from Lima, Ohio and a huge Buckeye fran! I live in New Jersey now.

This is my kids and their friends at our neighbor's outdoor movie theatre!


"Alumni in Chicago for St Patricks Day"

by Nic Slowik - 2009 Business Marketing Graduate

Ohio State Alums in Chicago for St Patricks Day taking in the Green River. Go Bucks!

Alumni, Shadows

"Even at 1am"

by Jordan Ramsey

Taken next to the Smith Lab at 1am

Current students, Shadows

"OHIO Steamboat"

by Mark Dent - Fan

Took on family trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado on a sunny day.

Shadows , US

"Girls' Weekend 2012"

by Beth Moberly - Ohio State University Buckeye Fan

Taken February 18, 2012 on Clearwater Beach, Florida. The girls in my family were all visiting for Girls' Weekend.

Beach, Shadows

"O-H-I-O Shadow at Bastogne"

by Craig Eppley - Graduate 1996

Alumni, Shadows

"Sarasota, FL"

by Caroline Marra - Class of 2011

supporting the buckeyes in Sarasota, Florida

Alumni, Shadows

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