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by Crystal Martin - Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering students waiting to march in their Spring 2009 commencement ceremony!

Alumni, Engineering, Graduation day

"Buckeye Bullet 2 on the Bonneville Salt Flats"

by Pat Hall - Assistant to the Director, Center for Automotive Research

Members of the Center for Automotive Research Buckeye Bullet 2 team at the Bonneville Salt Flats with their hydrogen powered land speed racer. GO BUCKS GO FAST!

Current students, Do Something Great, Engineering

"Chip and Dale in O-H-I-O"

by Bridget Sammons - Welding Engineering

Two recent OSU WE grads do O-H-I-O with Chip and Dale at Disney World

Alumni, Engineering, Travel/Vacation, US

"Four Moore Buckeyes"

by Kym and Stephanie Moore - Eng/Bus

We took this picture on our farm at sunset for our Christmas cards. Kym and Stephanie graduated from OSU in the 80's. Their two children, Andrew and Emily, currently attend OSU majoring in Eng....therefore Four Moore Buckeyes.

Alumni, Current students, Engineering, Families

"'09 Detroit Auto Show"

by Sean McGhee - Nuclear Engineering

Alex, Alex, Eric, and the Michelin Man at the '09 Detroit Auto Show

Current students, Engineering

"Sky High Spirit"

by Kelly Stechschulte - Manufacturing Engineer

Sky Diving in San Marcos Texas


"Idaho- OHIO"

by Jason Hollern - MS Nuclear Engineering '06

Interns, graduates, and professors from OSU's Nuclear Engineering Program at the Department of Energy's Idaho National Lab.

Alumni, Engineering

"O-H-I-O At The Gorge"

by Matt Grable - Mechanical Engineering, rank 4

I found some fellow Buckeyes at the Dave Matthews Band concert at the famous Gorge Ampitheatre on the Columbia River in northwest Washington state.

Current students, Engineering, Travel/Vacation, US

"Sacred Valley, Peru"

by Megan Donohue - Industrial Engineering

Overlooking the Sacred Valley of the Incans in Cusco, Peru. Image of Chad Darcy, Megan Donohue, Mark Donohue, and Adam Bloch. August 2008.

Current students, Engineering, Travel/Vacation

"Machu Picchu, Peru"

by Megan Donohue - Industrial Engineering

Overlooking Machu Picchu, Peru from the top of Hauyna Picchu mountain after hiking the Inca Trail. Image of Eric Hubert, Mark Donohue, Megan Donohue, Chad Darcy. August 2008

Current students, Engineering, Travel/Vacation

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