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"OSU Formula SAE at Ford Wind Tunnel"

by Ted Coon - BSWE '93

Ford Motor Company has many OSU grads and Ford has been recruiting at the College of Engineering in particular for several years now. In part through that connection, Ford has been able to donate some time at the wind tunnel to the Formula SAE team. This picture is from the January 2010 visit.

Alumni, Current students, Do Something Great, Engineering


by Brandon - Civil Engineering, 2009

Celebrating our Rose Bowl win in Joshua Tree National Park

Alumni, Engineering, Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010

"OHIO with Eiffel Tower I"

by Ron Amdur - Engineering, 1999

Alumni, Engineering, Europe, Travel/Vacation

"White House O-H-I-O"

by Kara Shell - master's student in mechanical engineering, and 2009 solar decathlon team member

Some members of the 2009 OSU Solar Decathlon Team got to take a tour of the White House grounds while in DC, and made sure to do an O-H-I-O picture!

Current students, Engineering, Travel/Vacation, US

"One Buckeye Win Already Tallied in Michigan this Week!"

by Kirsten Marinko - Communication Coordinator

Photo: Buckeyes employed at Dow Chemical locations in Michigan celebrate their win in an online auction for United Way that earned them the right to fly the Scarlet and Gray at two work sites. Employees in the photo who are chemical and biomolecular engineering alumni include Tom Burns, Class of 1983 and M.S. '85 (with wife, Lynn); Beth Brandon, wife of Rich Brandon, '83; Lindsay (Harker) and Dave Michalski, both 2002 alumni; and Katie Fischer, '02.

Alumni, Engineering, Game day, US

"At the Border"

by Nicolas Campos - Mechanical Engineering, Senior

Several members of the Dancesport at OSU ballroom dance team on the way to Purdue for a competition. "Let's take a picture at the border!"/"Ok, let's do O-H-I-O!"

Current students, Engineering, Travel/Vacation, US

"80 MPH O-H-I-O"

by Calvin Goodman - Engineering

O-H-I-O spelled out with four people on the Diamondback roller coaster at Kings Island in Ohio. Speeds of 80 mph and the tallest roller coaster in the park.

Current students, Engineering, Interstate (Ohio pictures)

"Minneapolis O-H-I-O"

by Caroline - Fiscal Associate, College of Engineering

On a trip to Minneapolis, friends decide to show their Buckeye pride! (Left to Right): Sadono Djumin (alumnus), Caroline Chao (alumna), Marti Schlatter (alumna), and Yingdi Wang (alumna)

Alumni, Engineering, Travel/Vacation, US

"Taiwanese O-H-I-O"

by Caroline - Fiscal Associate, College of Engineering

Ohioans visiting a remote part of Taiwan teach a little local how to be a Buckeye! (Left to Right): Timothy Thurston (PhD Student), Caroline Chao (alumna), Future Taiwanese Buckeye, and Victoria Chao (fan).

Alumni, Asia, Engineering, Future students, Travel/Vacation

"Diamondback O-H-I-O"

by Dan Linden - Rank 4, Mechanical Engineering

The Ohio State Theme Park Engineering Group took an exclusive back-stage tour of Kings Island's new roller coaster, Diamondback, while it was under construction this past winter!


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