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"MAcc & the Smoky Mountains!!!"

by Yepeng Ge - Master of Accounting candidate of 2013

A group of MAcc alumni and current MAcc student took a trip together to the Great Smoky Mountains during the Labor Day weekend. The four people in this picture are from 3 different classes of MAcc students. They are (from left to right) : Jianing Lu (MAcc 11'), Yepeng Ge (MAcc 13'), Tao Huang (MAcc 11'), and Jin Li (MAcc 10'). The trip was fun and the scene was breath-taking. Hope MAcc alumni can have more fun trips like this together!

Alumni, Current students

"Brand new buckeyes!"

by Erica Harmon

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Current students, On campus

"O-H-I-O "

by Keri Hull - Nutrition and Community Health

Buckeye pride from California's coast highway 1!

Current students, US

"She loves OSU!"

by Kathy Foreman Efaw - Physical Education 1983 David A. Efaw Architectue 1984 and 1986 Ashley Efaw Landscape Architecture 2015

Two OSU alumni and an OSU student pose with a fellow fan.

Alumni, Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

"international O-H-I-O!"

by Greg Bulger - Chemical Engineer, class of 2016

O-H-I-O picture taken at the Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany

Current students, Europe

"O-H-I-O on the Oval"

by Marissa Blankenship - Double major in International studies and Public Affairs, Freshman

Taken during the rain in the middle of the Oval by freshman who had never seen something so beautiful.

Current students, On campus

"O-H-I-O In DC"

by Matt Stuckey - Industrial and Systems Engineer, class of 2013, Buckeye for life

A former buckeye, a current buckeye, and hopefully a future Buckeye showing their Buckeye pride with the help of the Washington Monument in DC.

Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

"4 Taiwanese Buckeyes at Michigan Stadium"

by Yu-Keng Shih - Computer Science and Engineering

4 Taiwanese OSU students got touchdown at Michigan Stadium!

Current students

"O-H-I-Oing in Guam"

by Ross Brown - 4th year Psych

Asia, Current students

"ifi 2012 welcome party"

by Helen - class of 2016, from LA

my friend and I with homestay volunteer from IFI. #osupride #osuwelcome #osufye

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