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"O-H-I-O in front of Umpiem Refugee Camp in Thailand"

by Zheyi Teoh - Class of 2015

Me (Zheyi Teoh) with three girls from the school at the refugee camp doing O-H-I-O with the entire camp in the backdrop. The camp holds 17,000 refugees from Burma.

Asia, Current students

"Piestewa Peak - Phoenix, AZ"

by Taylor Edwards - Civil Engineering Class of 2014

O-H-I-O on top of Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, AZ!

Current students, US

"O-H-I-O in Vientiane, Laos "

by Ryan Turner - Fisher College of Business - Logistics/Business Operations 2013

During a tour of a Buddhist monastery a local monk joined us in the great OSU tradition of O-H-I-O, with Mark Wood '84, Ryan Turner '13 and Russ Turner '80. We were in Laos as summer volunteer English teachers. In Asia learning English is very desirable because it is the business language.

Asia, Current students

"A Buddhist Monk O-H-I-O"

by Ryan Turner - Fisher School of Business - Logistics/Business Operations 2013

Touring a Monastery in Vientiane, Laos the Monks' delighted in joining us for a round of O-H-I-O with Mark Wood '84, Ryan Turner '13 and Russ Turner '80.

Asia, Current students

"Mt. Everest O-H-I-O"

by Kyle Jamison - College of Medicine

I recruited three other hikers to pose in front of Mt. Everest! (the dark mountain on the right)

Asia, Current students

"O-H-I-O in Rowan County, KY"

by Erica McGriff - First-Year, Pre-Biomedical Engineering

Buckeyes showing their pride at Lockegee Rock in Rowan County, KY. (Brady Burton and Hunter Agoo with OSU students Katie Costello and Erica McGriff)

Current students, US

"OSU vs Michigan 2012"

by Chelsea Torres - Biomedical Science, Third Year

Getting ready to watch the Buckeyes beat Michigan at Ohio Stadium. (OSU Students: Michael Lause, Mark Rudolph, Chris Reyes, Chelsea Torres and Jimmy Zimmerman)

Current students, Game day

"The Carmen Crew"

by Liane Davila - Pre-Vet Student (Biology Major & Spanish Minor) Sophomore

Some of "The Carmen Crew" tour guides during Buckeye Visit Day at the Newark Campus (OSU Students: Liane Davila, Heidi Smith, Shannon Wolverton, and Jessica Dillow).

Current students

"O-H-I-O at the 2012 Indy 500"

by Isabelle B. - freshman psych major

IndyCar driver Graham Rahal and I doing an O-H-I-O picture with his car

Current students

"Stocking Island, Great Exuma Bahamas "

by Jacob Koopman - Microbiology Major, Class of 2013

My dad and his buddies doing the O-H-I-O for me on vacation this past weekend

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

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