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"O-H-I-O from Peru!"

by Vinny Balzano - Bio major Class of 2013 Wi at The Ohio State University

I was doing assistant research in the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve in the Amazon Rainforest, and met some amazing people! I am the first O, Segundo from Peru is the H, Sam from Canada is the I, and Niall from Scotland is the last O. Such a once in a lifetime experience!

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O Irazu Volcano"

by Mariah - 4th year Ani. Sci. major

Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O Mt. Rainier "

by Taylor - Senior

On top of Mt. Rainier in Washington August 2013

Current students, US

"O-H-I-O in Lalibela, Ethiopia "

by Ruth Sleshi - International Development major, 2016

Summer 2013 trip to Ethiopia, East Africa. This is Lalibela, most known for the carved rock churches dug literally from top to bottom around the 12th Century by King Lalibela.

Africa, Current students

"Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico"

by Joe Mika - DDS, 1991

Katie Mika, junior at the main campus, used the Mayan Ruins at Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico as the backdrop for an impromptu "O-H-I-O". Katie formed the "H" with a little help from her brother Joey, mom Maureen, and dad Joe (1991, DDS).

Alumni, Current students, Families, Latin America/Caribbean

""O-H-I-O" at Put-In-Bay"

by Jordan Etzel - 4th Year psychology student

OSU students at Put-In-Bay this summer!

Current students

"Cape Hatteras, North Carolina"

by Danielle - Senior, Exercise Science

Current students, US

"Buckeyes in Aruba 2013"

by Paige Lachey - Finance, 2014

Four Ohio State students show their Buckeye pride in the ocean off the coast of Aruba. Go Bucks!

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"Buckeyes in Paris"

by Emma Butler - English and French '14

Buckeyes participating in the Montpellier Summer Intensive Program pose with the Eiffel Tower during a weekend trip to Paris

Current students, Europe

"NASA Curiosity Rover"

by Simon - ME, Class of 2014

3 Ohio State Engineering Interns at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab doing O-H-I-O with the Mars Curiosity Rover

Current students, US

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