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Four fans by the fountain before the 2009 fiesta bowl in Glendale!

2009 Fiesta Bowl, US

"O-H-I-O at the Grand Canyon"

by Patrick Mayer - Rank 3, Mechanical Engineering

We took a side trip on the way to the Fiesta Bowl this winter break. Included from left to right: Ben Reinke, Tom Metzger, Dan McCarthy and Josh Rackers

2009 Fiesta Bowl, Current students, Shadows , Travel/Vacation, US

"Super Bowl Buckeyes"

by Steve Vehrs - Aero & Astro Eng

A couple of Buckeyes, Steve Vehrs (H) '89 and Kyle McQuaid (I) '89 with good sports Bill Knight (O) and Kirk Turner (O) at the second biggest football game of the year after the OSU vs. M^%# game there to support the XLIII MVP and Buckeye Santonio Holmes.

2009 Fiesta Bowl, Alumni, US

"Cheerleaders at 2009 Fiesta Bowl Parade"

by JIM NEU - '89 Alum

Go Buckeyes...O-H-I-O

2009 Fiesta Bowl

"2009 Fiesta Bowl Parade"

by Your name

Brutus pre parade!

2009 Fiesta Bowl

"Buckeye Band at Fiesta Bowl"

by Your name

2009 Fiesta Bowl Parade

2009 Fiesta Bowl

"O H I O Tombstone, AZ"

by Heather Stabler

Even the outlaws of Tombstone, AZ are Buckeye Fans

2009 Fiesta Bowl, Game day, Travel/Vacation, US

"O H I O Fiesta Bowl"

by Heather Stabler

Taken outside of Cardinals Stadium right before the Fiesta Bowl. You can see we are still happy at this point.

2009 Fiesta Bowl, Game day

"Four Grads"

by Jae Ann Murphy - Alumni

Four Graduates before the bowl game. we were so hopeful. haha

2009 Fiesta Bowl, Alumni, Game day

"'82 alum Matt Minarik's 6 children"

by Matt Minarik

Gathering to watch Fiesta Bowl game Jan 5, '09

2009 Fiesta Bowl, Alumni, Families, Future students, Game day

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