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"Seven Springs Sigma Epsilon Phi"

by Cassandra Tjotjos - location:Somerset

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Current students, Winter

"2 Sophomores and 2 Alumni"

by Daniel Strauch - Master of Health Administratrion 1985,

Steve Nuttall, JD 1980, PhD 1990, Mike Strauch and Joan Lee, Engineering majors, Class of 2016 Dan Strauch, MHA 1985

Alumni, Current students, Winter


by Jason

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"Copper Mountain, CO"

by Shaina Kaiser - Born and Bred Buckeye

Showing some love to Buckeye Nation on top of Copper Mountain, CO during a 4 day family skiing trip. Pictured from left are Tiffany, Shaina, and OSU All-Americans Chas and Laura. Go Bucks!!

US, Winter

"O-H-I-O Snowman Style!!!!"

by Benjamin Echard, Zach Pepper, Brandon Liebau, Caleb Hennon - 1st year bio major

What's better than 4 guys building a snowman? 4 guys building 4 snowmen and having them spell out O-H-I-O. Thanks guys for making my year here awesome! — with Zach Pepper, Caleb Hennon and Brandon Liebau.

Current students, Winter

"O-H-I-O instilled at young age"

by David - Buckeye Nation supporter

My three kids and I showing our Buckeye Pride! Daughter, youngest at 2, and my sons 4 and 6. Oldest son is an avid Buckeye fan and claims that he will play football for the Buckeyes!


"OH-IO Tubing in Colorado!"

by Wendy

Tubing Copper Mountain. Go Bucks!

US, Winter

"O-H-I-O A.T.I Style"

by Jayla Riley - Crop and Soil Major

getting creative in the snow on the A.T.I campus

Current students, Winter

"snO H I O"

by Tracy Hennes - Hospitality Management, 1990

Snow angel O H I O in Hilliard.

Alumni, Winter

"Nittany Lion OHIO"

by Robert Holbert

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