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"OSU Surgery LLC efforts for Operation Feed 2012"

by Kyna McKimson - Coding Supervisor @ OSU Surgery

Through the collection efforts of employees at OSU Surgery LLC, a total of 458 boxes of Mac & Cheese, which helped contribute to OSU Physicians total donation of 1,027 boxes! Featured in Picture of boxes collected is Brenda Durley, Ray Manley, Tina Sekinger and Kyna McKimson

Faculty/Staff, Service

"Game Day 9/8/12"

by Aleasia

OSU nurse and friends!!!

Faculty/Staff, Game day

"Alumni Tour - Sochi, Russia"

by Craig Little '84 - OSUAA Staff & Tour Host

Sandy '59 & Bruce Bailey with Brian '82 & Molly Snell inside the courtyard of Stalin's Dacha during an OSU alumni tour to the Black Sea in late August. The Dacha was painted green to hide itself within the trees.

Alumni, Europe, Faculty/Staff

"Alumni Tour - Sevastopol, Ukraine"

by Craig Little '84 - OSUAA staff member & tour host

Tom Gillman, '78, Cindy Gillman, Chris Rice and Arvo Toukonen, '66 traveling with William & Mary and Ohio State on a 12 day alumni tour through the Black Sea.

Alumni, Europe, Faculty/Staff

"O-H-I-O at Wexner Medical Center Event"

by Sandra Wince - Faculty & Staff Recognition Team

Medical Center staff and stilt walkers enjoying the 2012 OSU Wexner Medical Center Years of Service Event. Event was held September 4th at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. Around 1100 attended the event.


"Toddler Tailgate O-H-I-O"

by Annie Gordon - Director of Alumni Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences BA '04

Our little tailgaters Cy, Peyton, Colin and Carter have been practicing all of their lives to perfect their O-H-I-O. These little cousins are almost experts at the ages of 5, 4, 2, and 2. Taken at the September 1st game vs. Miami OH.

Alumni, Faculty/Staff, Game day

"O-H-I-O: Kenai, Alaska"

by Shannon - MS College of Nursing 2011

Danielle Segelhorst (OSUMC employee), Shannon Hilton (OSU College of Nursing Alumni), Chadwick Barnes (former OSUMC fellow/resident), Greg Segelhorst (OSUMC employee) camping on the Kenai City Beach in Kenai, Alaska

Alumni, Faculty/Staff, Travel/Vacation, US

"around campus"

by Deborah - Staff

My son on his 5th birthday touring various places on campus

Faculty/Staff, On campus

"Ohioan gets Brits to help with O-H-I-O at 2012 Olympics"

by Steve Cotter - Administrative Mgr, Division of Cardiac Surgery

My friends and I had tickets to the Men's diving finals at the 2012 London Olympics. As we are about to leave the Aquatic Center, my three UK friends join with me for O-H-I-O! O-Stephen Mattinson, H-James Mattinson, I-Stephen Brown and O-Steven Cotter

Europe, Faculty/Staff

"Dance Alumni in Israel"

by Susan Petry - Chair, Department of Dance

Leigh Lotocki, BFA 2011 Fiona Lundie MFA 2012 Deborah Friedes MFA 2006 James Graham MFA 2011 Maree Remalia MFA 2011 Meredith Hurst BFA 2011 Ale Jara De Marco MFA 2011 All studying "GAGA Technique" in Israel summer 2012 following Visiting Artists from Israel in the Department in 2008

Alumni, Faculty/Staff, Middle East

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