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"Past and Future Alumni"

by Kim Swisher - BS in Education 1994

Vacation at Nags Head, NC Kim & Kyle have graduated. Matt will graduate in 2016. Mitch is an incoming freshman. Go Bucks!

Alumni, Beach, Current students, Future students

"Future roommates O-H-I-O at graduation"

by Jeannie

Future students

"St. Xavier HS grads "

by Jeannie , - Parent

Soon to be OSU roommates celebrate their graduation!

Future students

"St. Vincent- St. Mary Buckeyes"

by Patti Valle - OSU fan

Another group of St. Vincent - St. Mary Irish on their way to be Buckeyes! Good luck and GOOOOO, BUCKS!!

Future students

"Buckeyes gone global"

by Gretchen Albrecht - Class of 2019

Future and former Buckeyes at the Botos Lagoon in Costa Rica!!

Future students, Latin America/Caribbean

"2nd Generation Buckeye"

by Alyssa

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Alumni, Future students

"New Years Day at Grandma's"

by Luis M. Rivera - Bucks fan from a long line of Ohioans!!! GO BUCKS!!!!

Getting ready for the Ohio State v. Alabama game! Top left to right Isaac, Lupe, Xavier (accepted to OSU last month) and Matt Rivera. Bottom left to right. Luis, Drew,and Andrew Rivera. GO BUCKS!!!!

Families, Future students, Game day

"Kayaking on Turquoise Lake"

by Kathleen Shanahan-Aughe - OSU grad school, Public Policy 1985

This picture was taken on Turquoise Lake in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Left to right are Mackenzie (OSU PUblic Health 2016), Dylan (OSU History 2014), Cassidy (future OSU student), Ian - Alaska guide

Alumni, Current students, Future students, Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O in Paris"


incoming Freshmen in Paris!

Europe, Future students

"O-H-I-O on Turtuga Island, Costa Rica"

by Kelli Burwinkel - Incoming Freshman, Anthropology

This picture was taken on Turtuga Island in Costa Rica last week while I was at the Curu National Wildlife Refuge

Beach, Future students, Latin America/Caribbean

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