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"Jenn's Senior Picture"

by Melissa Sturgis - Proud Buckeye Parent

Jenn Sturgis, Kingwood, Texas incoming Freshman Pre-Nursing student, had a unique idea for the traditional "Senior Picture". Here she shows her Buckeye Pride.

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"Kingwood High School Class of 2012"

by Kayla Sampson - Rising Freshman- Neuroscience

Kingwood is a small town outside of Houston Texas. The graduates presented in this picture graduated on May 26, 2012!!! They are excited to be a part of Buckeye Nation!!!

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""Classy O-H-I-O""

by Ryan Fisher - Public Health Major, Class of 2016

Me and my friends representing OSU after our last high school strings concert.

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"St. Vincent - St. Mary Seniors are Buckeyes now!!"

by Patti Valle - Buckeye mom

Our Seniors get to wear their college sweatshirts the last week of school! We are proud to send 13 students to OSU! Go, Buckeyes.

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"High school prom - OSU bound"

by Mel Hetterscheidt - Hannah Class of 2016

Photo of high school seniors who are OSU bound

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"4 Future Buckeyes at Senior Prom"

by Slater Nash - Pharmacy "86

4 Olentangy Liberty High School Seniors soon to be Buckeyes!!

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"O-H-I-O at St. Joseph Academy (Cleveland) Prom"

by Aubrey Sherry - Class of 2016

We can't wait to be Buckeyes next year!

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"Shaker Heights Prom 2012"

by Claire L. - c/o 2016

5 soon to be Ohio State students on their way to senior prom for Shaker Heights High School.

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"Future Buckeyes"

by Stephanie Sawyer - Class of 2016

High school seniors, Julia Endicott, Dean Rodabaugh, Stephanie Sawyer, Ashton Combs, Kaitlyn Endicott, and Brian Davidson throw up an O-H-I-O as they prepare to attend Ohio State this fall!

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"O-H-I-O Senior P-R-O-M"

by Zack Miglich

Future Buckeyes showing pride at Senior Prom

Future students

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