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"Future buckeyes at HS graduation"

by Colleen Webster

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Future students


by Rebecca G. - 2019

My friends and I at the Magic Kingdom in Disney, supporting our future Buckeye, the "H".

Future students

"Ready for OSU at graduation!"

by Meghan Sullivan

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Future students

"Center Hill Lake"

by Alex McWhirter - Civil Engineering, 2016

Our senior trip to Tenn!

Future students, Travel/Vacation, US

"O-H-I-O in Rocky Point!"

by Jordan Wakser - Future Student

Showing our buckeye pride in Rocky Point, Mexico!

Future students, Latin America/Caribbean

"Newly minted freshman and family share their OSU spirit!"

by Victoria

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Future students

"O-H-I-O in Yosemite"

by Karen McCaffrey - OSU Mom

Upcoming OSU Freshman Justin McCaffrey and family at the top of a dome in Yosemite National Park. Picture taken by OSU Sophomore Josh McCaffrey

Families, Future students, Travel/Vacation, US

"OSU Alumnus and 3 future alums!"

by Kimberly Richards - BS, 1989, College of Education, Lifetime Member of Alumnae Org.

Kimberly Richards, chemistry/physics teacher at Genoa High School in NW Ohio sports her love of the Buckeyes with three of her just graduated students heading for Columbus!

Alumni, Future students

"past and future buckeyes"

by Nicholas Kobernik - Class of 2016


Alumni, Future students

"C/O 2016 Buckeyes!"

by Dajzsa

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Future students

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