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"Rose Bowl 2010"

by Susan W - About you

Spring 2010. Vacay in S. Pasadena. Of *course* we had to stop by!

Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010, Spring, Travel/Vacation, US


by The Ohio State University

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"Rose Bowl 2010"

by Eric Smucker - JI Row parents

Enjoying Rose Bowl experience with friends

Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010

"Hanging with Larry King"

by Howard Gale - Class of of 1974

We met Larry King at Nate N Als in Beverly Hills during our Rose Bowl trip.

Alumni, Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010, Travel/Vacation, US

"Gang of 4 at the Rose Bowl"

by Tom & Judi Jump - OSU '77 BSLA & BFA

These four kids of ours were born & raised in Denver, Colorado but are die hard Buckeye fans! For the younger two, this great win over Oregon was their first OSU game!

Alumni, Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010, Travel/Vacation, US

"Buckeye Bash - 12-31-09"

by Douglas Horning - Fan

At the Buckeye Bash in Santa Monica, CA - the day before the 2010 Rose Bowl victory!

Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010

"Rose Bowl 3 Generations"

by Todd - location:(null)

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Families, Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010, iPhone app

"New Year's Fondue Rose Bowl Party"

by Brittany Doty - fan

Every New Year's Day our family has a Fondue Party at Winnie Brelsford's house, a former OSU Extension Agent. This year we also made it a Rose Bowl Party 2010!

Faculty/Staff, Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010, Winter

"Rose Bowl 2010"

by Ron Elchert - location:

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Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010, iPhone app

"Rose Bowl"

by Ken - location:Westerville

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Rose Bowl: Jan. 1, 2010, iPhone app

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