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by Amber Nachman

Master Sgt Justin Nachman is showing The Ohio State University love from Qatar! Justin was born and raised in Parma Ohio. He is currently active duty Air Force and will be deployed until September 2015.

Middle East, Military

"O-H-I-O in Tel Aviv"

by Randi Honkonen - WPMBA Student

WPMBAs on Spring Break in Israel! Heidi Eldred, Amanda Bain, Randi Honkonen and Cindy Stemple

Current students, Middle East, Travel/Vacation

"Al Jaber, Kuwait"

by Eric Roby - Transportation and Logistics Major, '06

Eric Roby '06, Donald Turner '09, Kyle Ruark '10, Bradley Wetzel '11

Alumni, Middle East, Military

"Representing The Ohio State University in Dubai"

by Tsunami Barnett - Film publicist in Cleveland, Ohio

Buckeye pride was illustrated in Dubai's Rub' al Khali desert!

Middle East

"O-H-I-O in Israel"

by Hank Hartstein - Graduate School of Journalism in 1978

To the editor: Attached you will find a photo of the O-H-I-O taken at the Knesset in Israel in front of the world's largest Menorah. The two "O"s are Ruth and Larry Fineberg, whose son, Elliot was an OSU graduate in 2004. The "H" is Henry (Hank) Hartstein, who graduated in 1978, and the "I" is Judy

Alumni, Middle East

"Active duty Air Force O-H-I-O fans in Qatar! "

by Cassie Johnston - USAF

Deployed Air Force Medics showing our OHIO spirit all the way in Al Udeid, Qatar!

Alumni, Middle East

"O-H-I-O in Golan Heights"

by Kim Taylor - OSU Alumni 1979

O-H-I-O in Golan Heights

Alumni, Middle East

"Khera Family Throws Up the O-H-I-O in Dubai"

by Pohul Khera - Pohul Khera - Class of 2012, Fisher College of Business, Marketing Int'l Business. Sister: Simar Khera - Class of 2012, Political Science, Criminology

Khera fam throwing up the O-H-I-O from Dubai #gobucks #beatoregon #sitdownbama @theohiostatefootball (best photobooth EVER) Taken @ Mall of Emirates in Dubai

Alumni, Families, Middle East

"Go Buckeyes from Abu Dhabi "

by Katie Bradigan - Class of 2004

This photo was taken by a local man from Abu Dhabi in front of the famous Sheikh Zayed mosque . Go Buckeyes. - Katie Bradigan, Allison Bradigan, Andrew Bradigan and Carly Schveibinz

Alumni, Middle East


by Renee' Wade - fans with many relatives(12) as alumni

Taken in Shepherd's Field Bethlehem, Israel

Middle East

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