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"Desert sunset -California/Arizona border"

by Sarabeth Thompson

This is one of the reasons we had four kids! We love the buckeyes! Spencer, Shelby, Max and Mason Thompson from San Diego, California.

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"Red Wall Cavern"

by Steve Bedell - 1974 Graduate, BSBA.

From Red Wall Cavern on the Colorado River, upper Grand Canyon National Park. Steve, '74; Steve Jr., '14, and Christine Bedell with friend while on a white water rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

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"Sunset in paradise"

by Matt Miller - Fan

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"Family photos, Seaside FL"

by Karly Beisner - Wildlife Mgmt, Dec 2000

What a fantastic way to end our family photo shoot in Seaside, FL!

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"O-H-I-O at St. Louis Arch"

by Rahaf - Pharmaceutical Sciences, First Year

On a beautiful autumn day

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"O-H-I-O Guam"

by Michelle Lucius

The 121 ARW in Guam 2013!!! GO BUCKS!!


"O-H-I-O at sunset"

by Charles Schiavello - BSBA, 1990

Fall break 2013 at Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, SC.

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"Solitary O-H-I-O at McAfee's Knob on A.T."

by Josie Boston - BSEE '85

My son completed a six month hike on the Appalachian Trail and created this composite photo of O-H-I-O by combining four separate images of himself at McAfee's Knob in Virginia.

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"Ohio sunset"


My daughter Danielle version of O H I O


"ohio "

by jeremy

my boys in st.petersburg fl on beach at sunset

Beach, Silhouettes

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