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Aliza Litke

Leadership Coach


Aliza is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach striving to guide individuals and leaders to becoming the best version of themselves. Through Strengths coaching, Aliza helps her clients understand how to focus on what comes naturally to them, and reach new levels of excellence through honing in on what they are really great at, while surrounding themselves with others who are great at different things than they are. By understanding others' motivators and creating intentional partnerships, Aliza has helped hundreds of clients build stronger relationships that have not only created more engagement at work and at home, but have also contributed to a higher reporting in their overall quality of life.

Inspired by her own Strengths journey, which began as a student at Ohio State in 2009, Aliza has leveraged over a decade of Strengths knowledge and experience to help executives, people leaders, coaches, husbands/wives and even students find success and reach their goals.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching method: Virtual and in-person
Areas of expertise: Gallup CliftonStrengths, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Wellbeing, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Teams

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