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Lillian Zarzar

Executive and Organizational Coach


In the 30 years of being a professional speaker, author, and interpersonal communication coach, Lillian Zarzar believes that the key to being an effective communicator is the focus on self-mastery.

She specializes in helping entrepreneurial and emerging leaders sharpen their communication skills to stand out among others in their industries.

Are you a leader who aspires into being a more effective communicator?

Do you want to develop enhanced competencies in the area of interpersonal communication?

Do you want to have greater confidence when you engage in difficult conversations?

Through her thought-provoking questions and insightful coaching, you tap into your own wisdom, clear the "brain baggage" that holds you back, and obtain increased vitality, certainty, and confidence.

She is a featured author in several anthologies including Conversations on Success, Breakthrough Secrets to Live Your Dreams, and is the author of the gift book, Apple-osophy, Slices of Apple-Inspired Wisdom. She has also written seminars in public speaking, and how to manage conflict, anger, and emotion. Lillian has conducted seminars in all 50 states and on five continents.

Are you committed to improving your communication and interpersonal skills? Lillian can help you!

Executive and Organizational Coaching

Coaching method: In-person and virtual
Area of expertise: Interpersonal and public communication for emerging leaders and entrepreneurial executives

Free 45 minute initial consultation