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Getting your application in early can help you in many ways

Taking early action is important for students to have the best chance for merit-based scholarships and to be considered for many great opportunities.

You'll be considered for most merit-based scholarships, you'll get an earlier response, and applying early doesn't bind you to Ohio State. You can still weigh your options before committing.

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A respected Ohio State degree will be one of your most valuable possessions

With Ohio State's world-class faculty, respected research focus, global alumni network and leadership in many academic fields, students discover they continue to reap rewards from their Ohio State investment for many years after graduation. 

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More than 20 percent of our students start out undecided. At Ohio State, you can explore our vast resources to find your fit.

Merit-based scholarships

Apply for admission by the early action deadline to receive consideration for most merit scholarships.

Honors and Scholars

Honors and Scholars programs offer smaller class sizes, supportive communities and offer challenges and opportunities.

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From amazing academics and research opportunities to a thriving city life at your fingertips, Ohio State has a lot to offer.

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Making college more affordable for all Buckeyes

Benefits of taking early action at Ohio State

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Creating lasting connections with students

Application tips

Start the Common App

Create an Ohio State account and prepare for the questions you’ll be asked, including essay questions.

Consider getting a letter of recommendation

This step is optional — but consider it if your recommender can tell us something unique about you.

Apply by November 1

By taking early action, you will get an admittance answer by January 31.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQs for students preparing to apply.

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Apply to Ohio State through the Common App by November 1.
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