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Making college more affordable for all Buckeyes

We're keeping the cost of college down. Like, WAY down
Making college more affordable

Let’s not kid ourselves. Even though studies have shown that it’s worth it, a college education is a huge financial commitment. From tuition and fees to textbooks and food, it can add up. Quickly.

So here are a few ways we’re keeping college affordable and accessible to Buckeyes everywhere.

1. Expanding financial aid

At Ohio State, we have a huge commitment to merit- and need-based aid programs. So much so that since 2015, we’ve increased financial aid for low- to moderate-income Ohioans by $150 million. There are so many grants and programs available to potential Buckeyes. For example:

  • The President’s Affordability Grant awards up to $2,250 each year in extra support to approximately 15,000 low- and moderate-income Ohio students.
  • The Buckeye Opportunity Program ensures that Ohio students who qualify for Pell Grants receive an aid package that covers the full cost of tuition and mandatory fees.
  • Land Grant Opportunity Scholarships are awarded to 176 Ohio students each year, with an attempt made to award two students from each county.

2. Digital textbooks reduce costs

The cost of textbooks can sometimes catch families by surprise. That’s why we’re piloting a digital textbook program. With this program, students end up paying 80 percent less than they would on traditional texts.

3. Summer tuition discounts

Complete your course work earlier and have it cost less? Sounds ideal to us. Students who take classes over the summer get a 25 percent discount on summer tuition rates. Hello, Oval Beach!

4. The Ohio State tuition guarantee

For every incoming class of first-year Ohio students, we set the rate for tuition, mandatory fees, room and board and more — and we freeze those rates for four years.

By doing so, we provide students and their families with a certainty about the cost of a four-year degree.

5. Paying forward to military families

We are forever expanding our support of active members of the military, veterans and their families. That’s why we offer the in-state tuition costs to members of the military (active or veteran) and their families — regardless of their residency.

One way Ohio State is reducing costs for its students is by piloting a digital textbook program that is rooted in its commitment to its Digital Flagship Initiative.

6. The Digital Flagship Initiative

Through this one-of-a-kind student success initiative, we provide state-of-the-art educational tools and opportunities for future career development.

All incoming first-year students get an iPad Air learning technology suite, loaded with features, tools and opportunities for students to learn, grow and engage with learning and tech communities — across the university and the state.

7. The American Talent Initiative

In collaboration with 80 other schools, we helped establish this initiative that aims to increase the number of low-income students in higher education through outreach and expanding need-based financial aid.

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