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Hidden gems

Best study spots on campus

From traditional to comfortable, campus offers a variety of study zones.

November 27, 2018

Sure, you could sit in your room and study for hours on end. But why not get out? Find neutral ground. Sink deep into your notes and study guides so you can shine in papers, tests and exams. 

Check out these four great places to study on campus.

If nothing else, you can tell mom you spent all day at the library.


Ohio Union fireplace lounges

If you appreciate a social study setting, the Ohio Union fireplace lounges on the first and second floors are so you.

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Orton Library

The grotesques on the bell tower façade and the ginormous dinosaur skeleton in the Orton Hall entrance belie the quiet, quaint atmosphere of the Orton Memorial Library of Geology.

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Grand Reading Room

Not one for heights? Want something more traditional? Head to the east end of Thompson’s second floor for the Grand Reading Room.

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Thompson Library's top floor

Go for the views, stay for the meditative bliss on the top floor of the Thompson Library.

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Discover even more hidden Ohio State gems.

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