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Hidden gems

Hidden in plain sight

The Columbus campus is home to some pretty awesome nooks, crannies, hideaways and not-so-secret secrets...

April 17, 2018

The Planetarium

Time to space out. And what better place to do so than at the Ohio State Planetarium?

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The Parker Dairy Store

Not sure if you know, but Ohio State had a hand in inventing the Drumstick frozen ice cream treat. It’s true.

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University Hall

Built in 1873, University Hall used to be every Buckeye’s one-stop shop.

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Orton Hall

Orton Hall is one of the oldest buildings on the campus, and with that comes some intriguing history.

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The Ohio State Archives

If you’re a history buff (of just a fan of looking at some seriously cool stuff), the archives is the place for you.

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