President's Club

Every day, The Ohio State University carries out its mission to nurture students, create knowledge, and revitalize communities, thanks to the spirit and loyalty of the people who care for this great institution. People like you.

President's Club celebrates the bond that is shared by alumni and friends of Ohio State. It is a special circle of friends that honors our love of history and tradition, our belief in Ohio State's future, and our desire to make our world a better place.

Your passion and support for academics, health sciences, and the arts opens a world of possibilities for our students and the communities we serve. Thank you for your commitment. Together, we will do great things.

Recognized President’s Club donor

To become a recognized President’s Club donor, please fill out the President’s Club giving form and mail it with your gift for academics, health sciences, or the arts to:

President’s Club
The Ohio State University
2200 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Or, you may also make your qualifying gift online.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the President’s Club Office at or call 614-292-9550.

66,329 new donors

72,272 alumni donors gave $72M last year

131,000+ donors who have given 10+ years to Ohio State