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College of Nursing

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Your gift sustains the enduring vision, leadership and potential of all Buckeye nurses.

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From student scholarships and faculty research to wellness initiatives and community-outreach efforts, donors like you help make it all possible. The Ohio State University College of Nursing depends on the support of donors to provide opportunities to make important and innovative contributions to the nursing profession, health and health care.

The Ohio State Fund for the College of Nursing

Supports student financial assistance and professional development programs, faculty research, advancement and alumni engagement, and strategic initiatives at the College of Nursing.

College of Nursing Expansion & Renovation Fund

Supports the expansion and enhancement of College of Nursing facilities.

The Ohio State University College of Nursing Scholarship Fund

Established March 2, 2001, with gifts from the College of Nursing Alumni Society and friends of the College of Nursing; used to provide scholarships to nursing students in either undergraduate or graduate programs in the college who demonstrate academic excellence and/or who have financial need. Revised December 3, 2004.

College of Nursing Wellness Fund

Supports initiatives to improve student, faculty, and staff wellbeing at the College of Nursing.

The Ohio State University College of Nursing Research Fund

Established November 4, 1977, with gifts from alumni, faculty, and friends of the College of Nursing; used to support research projects conducted by faculty, graduate, and senior undergraduate students in the School of Nursing or by registered nurses in service or education settings in the Central Ohio area.

Technology Learning Complex Renovation Fund

Supports the maintenance and renovation of the College of Nursing’s simulation labs where faculty incorporate hypothetical patient care situations, advanced technologies, and interdisciplinary team scenarios into classroom learning for nursing students.

Mildred E. Newton Professorship

Established July 14, 1966, with gifts from The Ohio State University Nurses Alumnae Association along with friends, alumni, and faculty of the College of Nursing in honor of Dr. Mildred E. Newton, former director of the School of Nursing; used to provide salary and program support for the work of a distinguished teacher and scholar in nursing, nursing education, and health care in the college. Revised March 1, 2002.

The Grayce M. Sills Endowed Professorship in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Established August 29, 2001, with gifts from alumni, friends, and faculty of the College of Nursing; used to provide a professorship in behavioral health nursing or to support a visiting professor in behavioral health nursing in the College of Nursing. Revised December 2, 2005 and April 7, 2017.

College of Nursing Minority Scholarship

Provides scholarships for minorities demonstrating academic ability, need, motivation and concern for minority issues

College of Nursing Student Hardship Fund

Provides financial assistance to college of nursing students who have experienced hardship while enrolled at the college.

Diversity in Nursing Outreach and Access Fund

Supports hands-on nurse skill training and college access programs that help to cultivate and retain students from underrepresented groups.