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Everyday gifts, extraordinary impact

Extraordinary doors, opened by everyday generosity

From life-changing scholarships to research that pioneers solutions, your gifts - no matter the size - create ripples of transformation. Each act of giving opens new pathways for students to pursue their dreams, for faculty to innovate fearlessly and for our shared vision of a better world to become reality.

“The culture at Ohio State is a magnet that draws you in and allows you to build not only a team, not only friends, but a family. That feeling of community is not limited to campus – its worldwide. You have a family – a feeling that we are all Buckeyes.”

Charles Muse ’13

Open the door to their stories

Behind every breakthrough at Ohio State are the doors opened by donors who chose to invest in potential. Explore how your generosity uplifts individuals and changes lives, introducing a world of possibilities one Buckeye at a time.