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Your gift supports the students, faculty and staff at our Marion regional campus.

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The Ohio State University at Marion enriches the college experience through opportunities to engage our students on a global scale. As one of four regional campuses, Marion extends the university’s educational experience to north central Ohio. Your gift supports education as well as services, programs and opportunities that transform students’ university experiences.

Marion Campus Alber Student Center - Upgrades

Provides naming opportunities and supports bricks and mortar as well as operation costs associated with enhanements to and expansion of the Alber Student Center in support of on campus housing at the Marion campus

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology - Student Support

Provides student support for those pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology Degree at Ohio State Marion who show academic merit.

Exterior Recreation - Marion Campus

Provides facilities for outdoor student recreation - ie basketball court, soccer field, etc. to support enhanced student life and activities

Student Research - Marion Campus

Provide funds for students to conduct research on the Marion campus in STEM field.

The William Kay Davis Honors Award Endowment Fund

Established July 11, 1997, by the Wm. Kay Davis Trust through The Foundation. Income provides Marion campus honors students the opportunity to enhance their education through undergraduate research internships, broadening intellectual giftedness and gaining global perspectives.

The Campus Improvement Fund

Supports improvements to the campus including rechanneling of the stream, and a bridge over the stream.

Lowe Family-Marion County GoBuck$ Challenge Fund

Established February 1, 2013 with gifts from Ann and Arthur Lowe; used to support an incentive program that provides tuition vouchers for students attending the Marion County District Schools, excluding Marion City Schools, who meet attendance and/or achievement goals.

Marion Campus Trail Fund

Supports construction and maintenance of biking and walking trails on the Ohio State Marion campus.

OSU Marion Auditorium Renovation Fund

to support renovations of the OSU Marion Auditorium/Theatre in Morrill Hall

The Ohio State University at Marion Education Scholarship Fund

Supports education majors at Ohio State Marion

The Pamela and Dr. G. Scott Drew Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established April 6, 2001, by the Drews through The Foundation. Income provides full, renewable scholarships for full or part-time undergraduates or graduates at the Marion campus.

The W. Keith Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established March 1, 1985, with gifts from Gerald A. and Betty L. (BS 1949) Davis, of Marion. Ohio; used to provide scholarship assistance to qualified students of sophomore standing or higher who are enrolled at The Ohio State University, Marion Campus. Revised March 5, 2003 and May 31, 2019.

The Ralph T. Lewis Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarships of $300 to graduates of Marion Harding High School, then to students from Marion County

The Diana and Gary K. Sims Endowment Scholarship Fund

Provides renewable undergraduate scholarships at the Marion campus. Preference is for full- or part-time students ages 18 to 24.

C. Jane Bull Scholarship Fund

Provides a scholarship to a student attending Ohio State Marion who demonstrates strong academic potential

Mark A. and Debbie Cramer Endowment Fund

Established July 13, 2007 with gifts from Mark A. and Debbie Cramer; used to provide unrestricted support for The Ohio State University at Marion.

Jeannette White Endowed Memorial Fund

Provides scholarship support for students attending Ohio State Marion with preference given to candidates who are majoring in psychology

Ruby and Jack Weis Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarships for qualified students at the Marion campus. Preference is given to entering engineering majors and then to those majoring in scientific studies.