Benefits of recognition

President's Club recognizes individuals who support academics, health sciences, and the arts at The Ohio State University with cumulative annual giving of at least $3,000 each calendar year.

Staying Involved

In honor of their generous support of academics, health sciences, and the arts at The Ohio State University, President's Club donors currently enjoy these exclusive opportunities: 

  • Invitations to campus and regional President's Club events
  • A monthly e-mail newsletter with campus news and special features
  • Special occasions for involvement with university leadership
  • Use of the university's nationally recognized library system
  • The opportunity to apply to purchase home season football tickets and reserved game day parking
  • The opportunity to purchase on-campus parking
  • Membership opportunities at The Ohio State University Golf Club, the Faculty Club, and the university's recreational sport facilities (Fees apply.)

Additional Information

The Faculty Club

President's Club donors have the opportunity to join The Ohio State University Faculty Club. With a wide variety of more than 80 events each year, the Faculty Club provides the perfect campus location to gather, dine, and socialize. In addition to having the use of the club's facilities, a membership would offer reciprocal privileges at more than 100 university clubs worldwide. The staff of the Faculty Club is available to take President's Club donors on personal tours of the facilities, to learn more about the benefits of a Faculty Club membership.  |  614-292-2262 

Football Tickets

In order to qualify for the opportunity to apply to purchase home season football tickets, donors must have made their qualifying gift of $3,000 or more to academics, health sciences, or the arts by December 31 of the year prior to the football season. Football applications are generated and delivered by the Department of Athletics Ticket Office and are typically mailed/emailed by mid-March.

Please be aware that the IRS has determined that acceptance of the opportunity to purchase football tickets will affect the tax-deductible portion of a donor's contribution. According to the 2013 IRS guidelines, the annual fair market value for the opportunity to purchase two Ohio State home season football tickets through the President's Club is $300.

For annual President's Club donors who accept this benefit, the $300 fair market value will be disclosed on their gift receipt reducing the net charitable portion of their contribution.

Football Game Day Parking

President's Club donors who accept the football ticket benefit will also be eligible to apply to purchase reserved game day parking.

As with the purchase of football tickets for annual donors, there is a net charitable reduction to the donor's contribution based on the value of the parking location. Parking for donors at the $3,000 gift level will result in a $60 non-deductible value and at $5,000 or higher, the value is $75.

The Athletics Ticket Office is responsible for assigning parking locations based on availability. The designated areas based on annual giving levels are currently:

$3,000-$4,999: Fawcett Center, Northwest Garage, the Schottenstein Center, Sisson and South Lincoln
$5,000 or higher: Tuttle Garage (most likely location), North Riverbank, South Field House, South Riverbank, East Stadium, West Stadium.

Golf Club

President's Club donors are considered affiliates of The Ohio State University Golf Club and may call or book online four days in advance to reserve a tee time. President's Club donors must show their President's Club ID card when checking in. There is a limit of 6 visits. Fees apply.  |  614-514-GOLF (4653) 


President's Club donors may borrow items from University Libraries. By showing their President's Club ID card, donors will obtain a library courtesy card.  |  614-292-6154 

Recreational Sports Facilities

President's Club donors are eligible to purchase affiliate memberships and may take advantage of five indoor facilities and all recreational sports programs. Everyone can find something to fulfill their recreation, wellness, and leisure needs at Ohio State. Fees apply.  |  614-292-7671

66,329 new donors

72,272 alumni donors gave $72M last year

131,000+ donors who have given 10+ years to Ohio State