What is President's Club?
President's Club was founded in 1963 to recognize individuals who provide the philanthropic support and volunteer leadership required for The Ohio State University to be one of the world's truly great universities. Each year approximately 3,000 donors are recognized for their leadership giving.

Who is recognized by President's Club?
President's Club recognizes individual donors 18 years of age and older who support The Ohio State University with gifts totaling at least $3,000 each calendar year to any department of the University, other than athletics. Certain restrictions and exceptions may apply. Please contact President’s Club for information on your particular situation.

How can I become part of President's Club?
To become recognized by President’s Club, you may make your qualifying gift online.

To make your gift by mail, please print and fill out the President's Club giving form and mail it to:

            The Ohio State University Alumni Association
            Individual Philanthropic Strategy
            President’s Club
            2200 Olentangy River Road
            Columbus, Ohio 43210

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at presidentsclub@osu.edu or call 614-292-9550.

How do I continue to be recognized by President's Club?
Eligible contributions for each subsequent calendar year will ensure continued recognition.

Can I contribute with a monthly gift?
Yes, monthly giving is encouraged for those who wish to continue to be recognized by President’s Club each year. Contact President’s Club for additional information. Currently, a minimum gift of $250 per month, January through December will ensure your continued recognition. If you begin your monthly gift after January the monthly amount will need to be adjusted or an additional gift may be contributed to reach the $3,000 minimum before December 31.

What types of gifts are eligible for President’s Club recognition?
Most gift types will qualify an individual for President’s Club recognition. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, charitable IRA rollovers, gifts of services and gifts made on your behalf by other individuals.

Do gifts to the Buckeye Club or other funds in the Department of Athletics count toward my recognition in President's Club?
Gifts to the Department of Athletics, such as those to the Buckeye Club, will not count toward recognition in President's Club. If you wish to participate in both the Buckeye Club and President's Club, you may do so by making an annual qualifying President’s Club contribution in addition to your annual Buckeye Club gift.

Can my organization or business join President's Club?
No. President's Club is a recognition society for individuals. Gifts from a solely owned business may be eligible to qualify the owner for individual recognition. These situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Gifts-in-kind, excluding those of service, may also be eligible. Please contact President’s Club if you have any questions about your eligibility.

Is there lifetime recognition in President’s Club?
In 2008, President's Club was restructured and lifetime recognition for new donors was discontinued. All President's Club donors who had reached lifetime status prior to the 2008 change are recognized permanently as legacy donors of President's Club. Legacy donors may also be recognized as annual donors in President's Club if their cumulative, non-athletic annual giving is $3,000 or above.

How will President's Club help me stay connected to The Ohio State University?
In honor of their generous support at The Ohio State University, President's Club donors can enjoy these exclusive opportunities:

  • An e-mail newsletter exclusively for President’s Club donors
  • Opportunities for engagement with university leadership through event attendance and communications
  • Use of the university's nationally-recognized library system
  • The opportunity to purchase on-campus parking
  • Membership opportunities at the OSU Golf Club, the Faculty Club, and the university's recreational sport facilities (Restrictions and fees apply.)

What happens to my general campus parking benefit?
President’s Club donors are eligible for the opportunity to purchase on-campus parking through the university’s parking operator, CampusParc. If you accept this benefit, you must complete the process through CampusParc in accordance with its policies and procedures. Parking information is sent each May/June to those who have accepted the benefit.

I’m a lifetime President’s Club donor – what does this mean for me?
This change does not impact lifetime President’s Club donors. Even if you continue to give $3,000 or more, all of your giving will be considered charitable, provided you did not receive some other return benefit as a result of your giving.

What if I have additional questions?
For more information regarding President's Club, please email presidentsclub@osu.edu or call 614-292-9550.