Campus Campaign

Each year thousands of faculty, staff and retirees give to Ohio State through Campus Campaign. This fundraising endeavor rallies faculty and staff to support the people, programs and research at Ohio State that are close to their hearts.

2017 Campaign dates:
July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Active phase: March - April 2017

Many give to their own departments or units, while others support work that looks nothing like their own, but is personally meaningful. Each gift, whether it’s $1 or $1,000, is significant.

Know that your gift will help someone have a better life. It’s that simple. And isn’t that why we choose to work at Ohio State? No matter our job functions, we’re connected to something bigger. When you make a gift, those connections grow stronger and more numerous. Your impact on the world multiplies.

If you’ve ever wondered how Campus Campaign makes a difference, watch the 2016 video to see what happens when strangers discover they are connected by generosity.

Thank you for your continuing support or making a first-time gift.


Jeff Hattey, co-chair
Krista Maxey, co-chair
Bern Melnyk, co-chair
Tina Thome, director

66,329 new donors

72,272 alumni donors gave $72M last year

131,000+ donors who have given 10+ years to Ohio State