Invest in Ohio State

Your gift to The Ohio State University is an investment in our students, our faculty and our potential. By supporting Ohio’s land-grant institution, alumni, friends, parents and partners can help us secure educational opportunities for future generations of students and meet the enormous challenges we face as a society. Together, we will sustain an enduring tradition of scholarship, service and pride.

At Ohio State, we are not afraid to take risks, to test bold hypotheses or to rethink traditional approaches to problems. We are innovators of new technologies and medical procedures. We dare to ask new questions and to celebrate the synergy and solutions that result when people from seemingly unrelated disciplines join together for a common cause. With additional private support, we will be able to bring a wider spectrum of research opportunities to Ohio State — and consequently offer more solutions to those we serve locally and around the world.

Profound differences in the Ohio State community

  • Improving learning environments

    During the But for Ohio State Campaign more than 150 buildings on campus received donor support that created or improved the facilities.

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  • Creating student opportunities

    The But for Ohio State Campaign helped the university create opportunity by funding scholarships that supported more than 40,000 students.

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  • Zoe Dell Nutter

    A woman who’s done it all

    At 101 years old, Ohio State donor Zoe Dell Nutter believes supporting research is a crucial step in making progress. She became a Buckeye over 40 years ago, and her love of animals has kept her supporting the university.

  • Keyauna “Kiki” Ramos is a third-year student at Ohio State and the youngest of three children from a single-parent home.

    Opening the door for scholars

    At Ohio State, scholarships are a gift of opportunity, helping students earn a top-tier education. Meet three undergraduate scholars who are making the most of their Ohio State experiences, with help from scholarships.

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