Research and Innovation
Driving research and discovery

With top minds in their fields, world-class research facilities and partners across the country, we are working together to find solutions and redefine discovery.

Research and Innovation

in industry-sponsored research among all U.S. universities
new inventions created by Ohio State researchers each year
$1.2 billion
in research and development
expenditures in FY21
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Ohio State research in action

Life-changing discoveries, groundbreaking findings, innovative solutions to real-world problems — see how the brilliant researchers at Ohio State are tackling tough questions, driving change and helping to build a brighter future for us all.

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Advancing discovery — together

From vast corporate partnerships to developing technology, supporting startups and more, see how Ohio State is building research communities that enable invention and discovery.
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Making connections

By pairing Ohio State’s unrivaled depth and breadth with expertise, we can connect and provide unparalleled pathways to innovation.

Research and innovation in action

From medical breakthroughs and advancements to world-changing research and findings, read stories of Ohio State discovery in action.

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Advancing artificial intelligence

Ohio State researcher D.K. Panda and his team are striving to expand the scope and abilities of artificial intelligence to help solve world problems.
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Fighting food insecurity

Helping New American families get the nutrients they need, associate professor Mary Rodriguez is improving food security at home and abroad.
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Understanding algal blooms

Researchers are building a better understanding of the toxins in algal blooms that pollute the water of Ohioans living near Lake Erie.
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Innovation District

A hub for technology and talent, Ohio State's Innovation District enables research advances and accelerates innovations to market. This burgeoning district will bring communities together to improve lives and propel discovery.

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Fostering entrepreneurship

See how Ohio State is fueling economic growth and fostering a culture of innovation and creation by engaging with researchers, supporting startups and providing networking and pathways for student entrepreneurs.