Artificial Intelligence Research
Advancing artificial intelligence

Together, we are driving the future of artificial intelligence (AI) research, development and discovery to improve people’s lives today and build a brighter future.

Artificial Intelligence Research

Three artificial intelligence researchers point and look at their ai technology for imageomics

Together, we are revolutionizing the fields of AI

The Ohio State University brings together communities of experts with complementary skills: engineers, scientists and scholars who team up to advance artificial intelligence (AI) research, education and policy.
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Faculty members focusing on AI research
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Interdisciplinary Centers and Institutes

This fast-evolving field is transforming every walk of life, and researchers across each of our 15 colleges are making new discoveries that the world needs now.

Our multidisciplinary approach includes research in developing cyberinfrastructure and networking that enable AI and its application; AI at the human-computer interface using speech processing, computer vision, and robotics; underpinning topics of privacy and ethics, cybersecurity, and data analytics; and preparing an AI-ready workforce through education and training.

Student at Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence
Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME)

Ohio State’s Distinguishing Strengths

AI News at Ohio State

Brain image in circuit boards

Improving machine learning methodologies

Electrical engineers at Ohio State are exploring how continual learning, a cognitive process in humans, can help drive AI learning.
Spine x-ray being pointed at

Predicting bone fractures in cancer patients

Using the power of computational modeling, Ohio State scientists are deepening their understanding of what happens when people’s bodies are exposed to cancerous lesions.

Now at Ohio State: AI

From current bias to proposed solutions to democratizing AI for everyone’s use, this episode of Ohio State’s newest podcast delves into the rich world of machine learning.

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To learn more or connect with Ohio State artificial intelligence researchers, please contact the Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge.