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Geographically based alumni clubs offer service opportunities and gather around the shared Buckeye experience. Club members hold events, promote student scholarships, perform community service, greet prospective students and generally celebrate being part of our ever-expanding family.

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Rema Loudon (primary)
Sebastian Garcia-Dastugue (primary)
Isidoros Tiano (primary)
Robert Chance (primary)
Christine Featherston (primary)
Ana Kazan (primary)
Kevin Hamori (primary)
Tingkai Feng (primary)
Jack Chiu (primary)
Yongzhe Zong (primary)
Yalin Chen (primary)
James Crumbacher (primary)
Wesley Davis (primary)
Douglas Whipp (primary)
Jan Schmidt-Krayer (primary)
Betsy Donahoe-Fillmore (primary)
Vikas Goel (primary)
Christine Konvolinka (primary)
Paulus Gunawan (primary)
Spencer Schaffer (primary)
Andre Billups (primary)
Michael Clark (primary)
Charles Kerwood (primary)
Ryan Edmiston (primary)
Chinyere Okoro (primary)
Morgan Large (primary)
Ronald Dillard (primary)
Kathryn Horne (primary)
David Turkaleski (primary)
C. Clauss (primary)
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