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"What it means to be a Buckeye"

March 26, 2011

Be a Buckeye: Apply to Ohio State!

No matter what you want to study, Ohio State has it: more than 175 undergraduate majors, hundreds of specializations within those majors, and hundreds of opportunities to double major or minor.

If you're undecided? No problem. Lots of students begin their college careers undecided about a major and then discover their true paths along the way. Ohio State's University Exploration program provides support and guidance to students as they explore diverse areas of study.

Just as each student arrives at Ohio State with big plans and dreams, Ohio State's faculty and staff have a goal for each new student: success and graduation. Our learning communities and First Year Experience are recognized as outstanding examples of programs linked to student success (U.S. News & World Report).

"Everyone puts students first," says Ohio State graduate Cathy Lanning ('00), currently at Nationwide in Columbus. "It's the support structure that's in place. It's there, it's deliberate."

That's one reason that more and more students are successful at Ohio State. More than 92 percent of 2009's freshman class returned to campus for their second year—well above the national average of 76 percent.

Wondering how to fit in once you get to campus? Ohio State offers nearly 1,000 student organizations in everything from archery to zoology; learning communities where you'll find like-minded students; volunteer opportunities; and plenty of recreational and cultural events.

And then there's the Buckeye spirit. You'll feel it when you walk across the Oval and hear the Orton Tower chimes. You'll see it in every O-H-I-O photo. And once you graduate from The Ohio State University, that spirit will stay with you for the rest of your life.

"I love Ohio State because of the opportunities it offers," explains Alexa Odom, a double major in journalism and Spanish. "Jump in. Do what you can. Dream big. Use this university to make those dreams come true."